Mary Massery's Breathing Course: Integrating Cardiopulmonary and Postural Control Strategies in the Pediatric and Adult Populations(Formerly know as: If You Can't Breathe You Can't Function) Part 2 - Two-day hands-on labs
Mary Massery’s BREATHING COURSE Integrating Cardiopulmonary and Postural Control Strategies in the Pediatric and Adult Populations (formerly known as: IF YOU CAN’T BREATHE, YOU CAN’T FUNCTION) Part 2  Two-day hands-on labs     Prerequisite:  Part 1 Attendance at any of these courses (in past 18 months) qualifies as a pre-req “Day-1 of MM’s 3-Day Breathing Course” “Linked: Breathing and Postural Control” “Breathing, Talking and Postural Control … school-based ...
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Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists
This seminar is designed to help therapists develop a comprehensive understanding of vision deficits in both children and adults.  Included will be the most common vision disorders and basic pathologies of the visual system, as well as their functional implications. A three-component model of vision will be presented stressing the importance of optical, visual efficiency and visual information processing disorders.  A screening battery that allows therapists to test for the most common vision ...

Managing Visual Deficits

October 23, 2021
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This two-day live interactive webinar introduces information critical to the assessment and treatment of patients with acute, sub-acute and chronic persistent pain. Translating pain mechanism research into clinical practice this webinar teaches pain clinicians when to use, how to classify and treat ...

LIVE virtual course - The Ulnar Side of the Wrist Part 1: Surgical and Therapeutic Management of Pathology caused by trauma, sports or acute injury  Friday, June 4th
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The ulnar side of the wrist can be confusing and complicated.  Spend this one-day live virtual course with us for part 1 which will focus on injuries to the ulnar wrist with focus on the TFCC and the ECU.  We will start with a live surgical dissection via Zoom with Dr. Conrad Hamilton where he wil ...

ONLINE - Rehabilitation of the Invisible and Chronic Disorders: Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, PPD, FMD, Chronic Pain and More!
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Are rare cases becoming more common? Are we recognizing them better? Are these syndromes and disorders connected? If you are not at all or are only distantly familiar with Persistent Postural Perceptual Disorder (PPPD); Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND) (aka Functional Movement Disorder (FMD) - t ...

Recorded online course - Tackling the Most Challenging in Neuro Rehab: Cognition, Spasticity, Pusher and Flaccidity
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In this challenging push-the-limits course, expect to advance your capacity to help some of the most challenged patients that we work with. Patients that may seem to have poor rehabilitation potential - until we create that initial spark to show potential. Patients with cognitive impairment, acute a ...

Recorded online course - Total Hip Arthroplasty: The Direct Superior Approach. Why, When How?
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Over the last several years, the number of total hip arthroplasties performed in the United States has increased substantially.  A surgery once thought to be most successful in improving pain, but significantly limiting function, has evolved rapidly.  Total hip arthroplasty has now become one of t ...

Total Knee Arthroplasty: Surgical Updates for the Physical Therapist June 8th @6pm
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Surgical procedures for Total Knee Arthroplasty have continued to advance with subsequent improvements in patient outcomes.   This course will review relevant anatomy and pathophysiology, present current concepts and recent advancements in TKA and describe the surgical approach and components.  D ...